Our mission is to promote and develop the cannabis market.

Hemp is the only plant that can serve us as food, fuel, provide us with material for clothes, paper, help to construct a house or build a car. And when we are sick, it can help us get back to health. Cannabis can be used in most industries. However at this point, we still use only a small fraction of possibilities of this powerful plant. Our mission is to change that,

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Cannabis products


Sat: 11:00 – 19:00

Sun: 11:00 – 18:00

Kanaba Fair #4 

Next edition of our fair will happen in 11th and 12th may 2019. We hope to see you there among brands from all over the world. 

Poland, 11th – 12th may 2019
Location: Forum Wydarzeń, Cracow

Sat: 11 am – 7 pm

Sun: 11 am – 7 pm

Kanaba Picnic took place at the Zoo Market,

which is opposite the Prague Zoological Garden. We spent this weekend in a relaxed, family atmosphere, in the company of people who absorb new knowledge about healthy lifestyle, natural cosmetics and organic products. During the event took place lectures on medical marijuana and the use of hemp in industry. Participants also had the opportunity to participate in cosmetics workshops and a construction show.

At the same time took place Million Marijuana March – the largest such event in Poland.

Zoo Market, Al. Solidarności 55

10-11th Dec 2017

Kanaba Fair #2

Our previous event took place in Warsaw and gathered over 10 000 guests interested in healthy lifestyle and curious about cannabis. We invited exhibitors and media from Poland and abroad who work towards making Poland a strong market for cannabis brands. We partnered with Slow Weekend, a lifestyle event with amazing exhibitors who presented best polish fashion, design, cosmetics, food and jewellery. 

Mińska 65 

10 — 11 June 2017

First event

Together with Slow Weekend, we took the Soho Factory space. Among the hemp products, CBD oils, seeds, cosmetics and food products prevailed. During the event, visitors could also participate in the show of hemp products run by Gosia.

Mińska 65 

Kanaba Picnic
Kanaba Fair #2
Kanaba Fair #1

Check out our previous event Kanaba Picnic

Check out our previous event Kanaba Fair #2



90EU per m2

Price per m2 without furniture.
1 post in Kanaba Fair fanpage.
min. 1 post at Kanaba Fair # 4 event
min. 1 post on Instagram.
Get to know you. We are happy to organise a competition with your products.



An offer for companies that can not appear at the fair.
Logo visible on the materials promoting the fair.
Posts in social media Kanaba Fair.
Exposition of materials during the event
Distribution of samples / leaflets among guests and exhibitors.
Contact us to find out more.



Space for a stand up to 20m2 and advertising space in the location.
Exposition of your logo on-line and off-line.
Distribution of products and samples on the event.
A number of benefits that promote your brand in partner media.
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Main Sponsor


Space for a stand up to 40m2, a place in the center of the room.
On-line and off-line promotion.
Non-standard activities.
An attractive package of benefits before, during and after the event.
Limited offer, contact us to receive a details.




We provide everybody with news about the event on our facebook fanpage. We also share information about cannabis properties, cannabis recipes and introduce people with whom we work. If you cannot find answer to your questions here, just contact us.

Are products available on Kanaba Fair legal?

Yes, of course. Brands and producers sell items made of hemp, a plant that can legally grow in Poland.

Does food or medicine have a psychoactive effect?

None of the products sold on Kanaba Fair and Kanaba Picnic have a psychoactive effect.

Will there be any support regarding use of the cannabis products?

Yes, of course. Visit Kanaba Fair information desk or Wolne Konopie stand to talk about cannabis. Each and every exhibitor will also share their knowledge. Ask them anything!

What about entrance to the fair? Is it free?

Yes, the event is free for all visitors. You will be also able to get a gift pack filled with cannabis products for just 10 PLN.

Can I come with children or pets?

Yes, we plan workshops and activities for kids. This edition of the fair has a family, picnic atmosphere. There will be comfortable seats available and a place to relax. You can take a blanket with you and chill all day while learning, eating healthy food and listen to music with us. Your pets are also welcomed!

Kanaba Fair

Kanaba Fair is the most important cannabis event in Poland. We combine lectures, workshops and fair under one roof to spread knowledge about our favourite plant and give access to best products available on the market. We work with brands and media to promote the use of hemp and medical marihuana.


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If you want to cooperate with us, become a sponsor, media partner or have any questions about the event, just drop us an email using the contact form.